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Nurture - Robins Class

Welcome to Robins Class. This is the home of Mrs Williams (nurture teacher) and Miss Brooker (nurture support) and Woody, our nurture dog. We work together to provide a very special place in the heart of the school.

Robins Class is the Greenvale School Nurture Group. This is a learning group with a difference. It’s an opportunity for pupils to take a step out of the whole class situation and into a small group, where individual needs can be met, friendships can be made and positive relationships with adults can be developed, all in an accepting, homely and warm environment. Our role is to support any pupil with their emotional wellbeing whilst at school.

Our learning takes place in a classroom that is set up to feel like a home, even though it contains all the learning resources you would find back in class. We just arrange it differently so that we can also have a few home comforts to help us on our learning journey.

In Robins we also plan daily learning activities to take place in our woodland area. This is a place the children make their own by sharing what they enjoy the most and work together to make a unique learning environment. We try to only use natural resources or everyday items to encourage the children to make purposeful places, resources and games using the power of their own imagination.

If your child is invited to join Robins Class, they will attend for either four mornings or four afternoons each week. They will remain a member of their own class but spend part of their learning day in Robins.

The learning in Robins reflects the learning back in class. In the mornings we cover writing and maths and in the afternoons we have a more creative curriculum. Our small nurturing environment is to ensure the children continue to make progress whilst discovering ways to grow as an individual. This might be building confidence, combatting anxiety, making successful friendships or developing communication skills, to name but a few. In Robins we open our door to any child who needs the time to become a happier learner.

Mrs Williams and Miss Brooker approach our day through the Six Principles of Nurture:

  1. Learning is understood developmentally
  2. The classroom offers a safe base
  3. The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing
  4. Language is a vital means of communication
  5. All behaviour is communication
  6. The importance of transition in the lives of children and young people

If you would like to find out more, you are welcome to come and visit and see the groups in action.



Robins Class

Teacher: Mrs J. Williams

Support: Miss C Brooker


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