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Reception 2020-21

From September 2020 we have one Reception Class

Bat Class Teacher: Miss J Webber

The following members of staff will be supporting across the Reception classes this year:

Mr P. Nagle, HLTA

Miss C Hammon, Teaching Assistant

Miss J. Pemble, Teaching Assistant - afternoons only

If you are new to Bat Class, please watch this video - you can meet Miss Webber and see some of the exciting areas in your new classroom!

We also have pictures for you to see below.


A Day in Reception - Term 1

8.40am - 9.00am: Doors Open & Welcome Time 

9.00am: Morning Register

9.05am - 11.45pm : Phonics/Rhyme Time

9.25am - 11.30am: Children's Learning Time - Children select challenges for themselves within all areas of the environment, including the garden. Learning time includes phonics and storytime and also tidying up and responsibility for resources.

11.45pm - 12.45pm: Lunchtime - Children eat their packed lunch in the classroom and school dinner in the main school hall and then go up to their outside play area

12.45pm: Afternoon Register

1.05pm - 2:20pm: Children's Learning Time - Children select challenges for themselves within all areas of the environment, including the garden. Learning time includes numbers and patterns and mark making activities.

2.20pm: Tidy Up Time

2.30pm - 3.00pm: Story & Getting Ready for Home Time

3.00pm: Doors Open to Collect Your Child.

Top Tips for Helping Your Child Read at Home

  • Set aside a few minutes each night to read with your child.
  • Encourage them to hold the book and turn the pages one at a time. 
  • Talk about the pictures in the book - make links to familiar experiences, what is happening on the page, how to the characters feel and why, what do they think might happen next.
  • Read the book to them with the children joining in with any repeated phrases.
  • Once they are familiar with the book, let them read a word on each page using their phonics to sound out and blend.
  • Then move on to the children reading a few words / a sentence.
  • Don't be afraid to read the same book several times.  Repeated reading helps to build confidence and reading fluency!

Suggested Reading pattern with a Book:

Day 1 - Look at the book together and talk about the pictures.

Day 2 - Adult to read the book (if it has words) or model telling a story (if it doesn't have words)

Day 3 - Child to have a go at telling the story using the pictures, in their own words.

Day 4 - Child to have a go at reading some of the words using their phonics skills.

Day 5 - Change the book - you can do yourself in the classroom in the mornings when  you drop your child off at school. 

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