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Reception 2020-21

From September 2020 we have one Reception Class

Bat Class Teacher: Miss J Webber

The following members of staff will be supporting across the Reception classes this year:

Mr P. Nagle, HLTA

Miss C Hammon, Teaching Assistant

Miss J. Pemble, Teaching Assistant - afternoons only


Please watch this video to see what learning looks like for children in Reception at Greenvale.


Use this link to read our presentation about our Curriculum offer in Reception.

Presentation slides

If you are new to Bat Class, please watch this video - you can meet Miss Webber and see some of the exciting areas in your new classroom! We also have pictures for you to see below.


A Day in Reception - Term 1

8.40am - 9.00am: Doors Open & Welcome Time 

9.00am: Morning Register

9.05am - 11.45pm : Phonics/Rhyme Time

9.25am - 11.30am: Children's Learning Time - Children select challenges for themselves within all areas of the environment, including the garden. Learning time includes phonics and storytime and also tidying up and responsibility for resources.

11.45pm - 12.45pm: Lunchtime - Children eat their packed lunch in the classroom and school dinner in the main school hall and then go up to their outside play area

12.45pm: Afternoon Register

1.05pm - 2:20pm: Children's Learning Time - Children select challenges for themselves within all areas of the environment, including the garden. Learning time includes numbers and patterns and mark making activities.

2.20pm: Tidy Up Time

2.30pm - 3.00pm: Story & Getting Ready for Home Time

3.00pm: Doors Open to Collect Your Child.

Top Tips for Helping Your Child Read at Home

  • Set aside a few minutes each night to read with your child.
  • Encourage them to hold the book and turn the pages one at a time. 
  • Talk about the pictures in the book - make links to familiar experiences, what is happening on the page, how to the characters feel and why, what do they think might happen next.
  • Read the book to them with the children joining in with any repeated phrases.
  • Once they are familiar with the book, let them read a word on each page using their phonics to sound out and blend.
  • Then move on to the children reading a few words / a sentence.
  • Don't be afraid to read the same book several times.  Repeated reading helps to build confidence and reading fluency!

Suggested Reading pattern with a Book:

Day 1 - Look at the book together and talk about the pictures.

Day 2 - Adult to read the book (if it has words) or model telling a story (if it doesn't have words)

Day 3 - Child to have a go at telling the story using the pictures, in their own words.

Day 4 - Child to have a go at reading some of the words using their phonics skills.

Day 5 - Change the book - you can do yourself in the classroom in the mornings when  you drop your child off at school. 

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