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Reception (Child's First School Year)

Greenvale Infant & Nursery School admits children into Reception at the beginning of the Autumn Term (Term 1). 
Places are offered to children following receipt of form PCAF by the local Education Authority (Medway) which also outlines the criteria for admission.

Upon offer of a place in Reception, all families are offered a home visit by a member of staff.  Pre-school visits take place in the term before the child starts school.  Greenvale Infant & Nursery School also offer children the opportunity to visit their class and meet their new teacher.  During these visits to the school, parents are welcomed by the Headteacher and given extra information on school life at Greenvale Infant & Nursery School.

If the school is oversubscribed, the Medway Council Admissions criteria will be used to determine further admissions.  The admission arrangements for disabled children are the sames as for any other pupils and the school will do everything possible to ensure such children are treated fairly and have the same opportunities as other children. 

For more information regarding Admissions, including a full list of cut-off dates for applications, please click here to visit the Medway Council Admissions website.

Key Stage 1 (Casual Admission)

A Casual ‘In Year’ Admission is either for a new applicant who requires a place at a Medway School, a child who is currently being educated at home and now requires a Medway school place, or a child currently attending a Medway school who wishes to transfer.

To find out if there are spaces at Greenvale Infant & Nursery School and to apply, please contact the school office on 01634 409521.

Nursery (Children aged from 3 years old)

At Greenvale Infant & Nursery School, we have a seperate Foundation Stage unit that are able to take children from the age of 3. 

We offer free nursery places to children starting after their 3rd birthday and can attend for up to 5 sessions (15 hours) a week in the morning.

To find out if we have spaces available, please contact the school office on 01634 409521 for more information.

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