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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities at Greenvale Primary School

At Greenvale Primary School, we believe that every child is unique. We value individuality and we are committed to providing opportunities for all children to achieve their best. We promote children’s strengths and challenge every child accordingly. We also aim to identify needs early in their educational career and provide appropriate support. At all times, Greenvale aims to remove barriers to learning and thus ensure equality of opportunity for all. Throughout each child’s time at the Greenvale, we value the involvement of the child, the family and the team working around the child at all times.



The Children & Families Act (2014) sets out new requirements to be implemented for supporting children and young people/adults with Special Education Needs & Disabilities. We work in partnership with external agencies and the appropriate local authority services to ensure that all children, including those with SEND, make the best possible progress. The school can provide for children with the following SEND:

  • Communication and interaction
  • Cognition and learning
  • Physical and sensory
  • Social, emotional and mental health needs

Use this link to read our full report which you will find on our school policies page  

SEND Information Report 


Below are some key questions summarising key points from that SEND Information Report.

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Who is responsible for SEND at Greenvale Primary School?

What are the roles of those responsible for SEND?

How accessible is the school for children with SEND?

How do we support parents of children with SEND?

How can I let the school know I am concerned about my child's progress in school?

How will the school let me know if they have any concerns about my child's learning in school?

How do we identify and assess SEND early and put appropriate support in place?

What provision does Greenvale Primary School offer?

What if I don't think there is an improvement?

What if I think my child needs and Education Health Care Plan?

What if the Local Authority say no?

How do we support children with complex needs or EHCPs during tests?

How do we support children with complex needs or EHCPs during transitions?

Where do I find more information?

What do I do if I have a complaint?

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