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Sports Premium Funding Report at Greenvale Infant & Nursery School

What is Sports Premium Funding?

The PE and Sports Grant funding is allocated to schools with primary-aged pupils in Years 1 to 6 (or ages 5 to 10 if pupils not in year groups).  The funding is to be used by the school to improve the quality of the physical education and sport activities they offer in school.

The aim of the funding is to give young people the opportunity to develop sporting skills as well as a healthy lifestyle. 

How much Sports Premium Funding was received for 2015 - 2016?

Funding is calculated centrally by the DfE on an academic year basis, using the January census information.  The funding is calculated as follows:

  • If pupils on roll in years 1 to 6 (at January census) total 16 or less = £500 per pupil.
  • If pupils on roll in years 1 to 6 (at January census) total 17 or more = £5 per pupil + £8,000 lump sum.


The funding will be paid in two separate payments.  This will be paid directly by the Local Authority as a lump sum.   The payments are:

  • November 2015: this will be 7/12ths of the total allocation
  • April 2016: this will be the balance of the total allocation (5/12ths)

November 2015 Payment

Total number of Pupils on roll (January 2015 census)


Total amount of Sports funding received



April 2016 Payment

Total amount of Sports funding received


November 2016 Payment

Total amount of Sports funding received



How should Sports Premium Funding be spent?

Schools should spend the funding on making additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of Physical Education and sport for the benefit of all pupils to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles.

School are free to spend in the way they choose but some examples include:

  • Hire specialist PE teachers.
  • Hire qualified sports coaches to work with teachers.
  • Provide existing staff with teaching resources to help them teach PE and sport.
  • Organising / extending school sports clubs, holidays clubs of "Chage4Life" clubs to support and involve least active children.
  • Organise sport competitions / increase pupil participation in school games
  • Organise sports activities with other schools.

However, the secretary of state does not consider the following expenditure as falling within the scope of additional of sustainable improvement:

  • Employment coaches or specialist teachers to cover Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) arrangements.
  • Teaching the minimum requirements of the National Curriculum PE programmes of study – including those specified for swimming.

If a school fails to comply with the conditions set out within the guidance note, including but not limited to a school misusing the grant, the Local Authority and Secretary of State may require the repayment of the whole or part of the grant or the withholding of subsequent instalments.

The school shall provide such further information as may be required for the purpose of determinting whether, or to what extent, it has complied with the conditions set out in the document. Failure to provide this information may result in repayment of the whole or any part of the grant or the withholding of subsequent instalments.

Schools, including those that convert to academies, must publish information about their use of the grant on their website. Schools should also publish:

  • The amount of premium received.
  • A full breakdown of how it has been spent (or will be spent).
  • What impact the school has seen on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment.
  • How the improvements will be sustainable in the future.

Schools should also consider how their use of the grant is giving pupils the opportunity to develop a healthy, active lifestyle.


Summary of Sports Premium Funding for 2015 - 2016




Partnership with Greenacre Sports Academy


School is better equipped to teach, assess and ensure pupils are fully aware of the benefits of being active and healthy. More confident and competent staff.

Specialist Teachers for After School Clubs


Kung Foo








Pupils experience a wide range of different sporting activities to enthuse and excite their love of sport. Pupils have the opportunity to develop a variety of skills that can be transferred into other areas of physical activity. Positive attitudes towards PE, health and well being and improved behaviour. Increased pupil involvement.

Sports Equipment


Equipment is relevant, in good condition and available for each PE lesson and sporting event. 

Equipment Inspection


Equipment meets requirements for Health and Safety standards.

What are the plans for Sports Premium Funding for 2016 - 2017?

The table below details our predicted allocation:

Predicted total number of pupils on roll (January 2017) 120
Amount of Sports Premium grant due per pupil £600
Total amount of Sports Premium funding for the year £8600
The school aims to:
Continue with a wide range of different sporting activities including:
  • Dance
  • Kung Foo
  • Tennis
  • Gymnastics
  • Family games (parent and child)
  • Further CPD training for staff
  • Purchase/develop resources needed in order to ensure that the PE curriculum is inclusive and enhanced
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to participate in additional competitions
  • Continue to enhance the outdoor equipment to provide additional equipment for lunchtime to support lunch time football and basket ball
  • Training for lunchtime supervisors for outdoor games
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