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Practise all 4 operations - first few levels are free.

Math Sumo

Practise maths skills against an opponent until one of you is pushed off the screen.

Operation Math

Work as a secret agent to destroy evil Dr Odd using basic maths facts.

Number Run

For younger children. Chase Baron von Count and develop an understanding of early number skills.

Eggs on Legs

Crack eggs by using calculation skills.

Math Workout

Answer 50 maths questions against the clock.

Multiple Wipeout

Pop multiples of numbers - good for learning tables.

Motion Math Zoom

Practise a variety of maths skills including decimals and negative numbers.

Glow Burst

Burst numbers in order. Fast paced and includes negative numbers.

Fishy Numbers

Mental addition.

Math Puppy

Calculation games.


Mental maths challenges to build up speed in calculation.

Number Bonds Pro

Practise number bonds. A similar Times Table Pro is also available.

Maths v Zombies

Protect the house from the zombies by answering maths questions which get increasingly challenging.


Maths game with a space theme

Hungry Fish

Simple addition game with correct answers making the fish grow.

Math Monsters

Find the hidden monsters by solving calculations.

Dot to Dot Numbers and Letters

For younger children. Touch numbers in the correct order.


















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