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On this page you will find sound mats which children work through in progression.

You can also find the 'tricky words' which children work through, in order, to read and spell.

At the bottom of the page you will find further spelling resources for children.

Sounds mats

phase 1 alphabet
digraph mat
trigraph mat image

Tricky words

These words are called 'tricky' because the sound patterns are not the most common ones used in reading and spelling. If you would like your own set of words at home, please download the whole set here.

phase 2 tricky wordsphase 3 tricky wordsphase 3 tricky words 2phase 4 tricky wordsphase 4 tricky words 2phase 4 tricky words 3phase 5 tricky wordsphase 5 tricky words 2

Further spelling support

These images give a guide to supporting children with spelling rules once they are ready to move on. You can download the full document here.

spelling rules headerprefixsuffixcontracted formhomophone
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