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The Nursery

Here at Greenvale Infant and Nursery School, we have a separate Early Years Nursery for children aged 3 and upwards.

Children are eligible for a place in our Nursery, the intake after their 3rd birthday and can attend for 5 sessions in the morning (spaces dependent). We have 3 intakes, September, January and April..

Sessions run for the following times:

Mornings: 8.45am - 11.30am

The Nursery unit is separate from the main school and has a full range of modern indoor and outdoor facilities that have been thoughtfully designed with your children in mind to ensure that they offer new experiences and encourange individual development.  Recently refurbished, the envionrment is bright and stimulating for young children and filled with a variety of exciting toys and learning resources.  The outdoor play area is inviting and fully equipped with facilities to encourage active outdoor play, whatever the weather.  

We are very proud of our Nursery and have worked hard to make it a bright and exciting place for your children to spend time in.  

Within the Nursery we have friendly and experienced staff that love working in Early Years and do everything they can to provide an all-inclusive, welcoming environment. 

Since the Nursery has been in operation, children that have attended have benefited from a full Early Years curriculum.  Daily activities are enriched with variety to ensure children are well-stimulated by staff who encourage them to explore and develop the skills they need to play together and enjoy friendships.  In our recent Ofsted report, it was remarked that "Children get off to a good start in the Early Years and make good progress across all areas of the curriculum"

To find out more, or if you would like to apply for a place in our Nursery, please contact the School Office who will be happy to arrange for you to visit the Nursery and go through the application process with you.  

We are always looking to build on our current Nursery provision and welcome all feedback, so please click the Survey Link below to answer a few questions about our Nursery.  You will be redirected to the Survey Monkey website.  

Survey Link

Thank you


What do the children need at Nursery?

  • We teach the children how to minimise how messy they get.  This does get better as they get older. 
  • This is part of their learning and we offer sand, water and mud play every day. 
  • Children must come to nursery with a spare change of clothes, including underwear and socks.  Please also provide your child with a pair of wellington boots, clearly labelled in a carrier bag.  

Nappy Changing

  • Children who wear nappies will be changed if and when needed. 
  • The nursery has an appropriate nappy changing facility. 
  • Parents should provide nappies and baby wipes for their child if needed. 
  • Please refer to the school nappy changing policy for more information. 

Toileting Accidents

  • Children who have accicents will be changed by Nursery staff.


  • The Nursery provides milk, water and a healthy snack for the children to have every day. 
  • All children are supported to wash their hands before snack time. 
  • Please make sure you have informed the school office and Nursery Staff of any known dietary needs or requirements and allergies. 

Star of the Week

  • Every week we have two star children of the week. 
  • These are children who have achieved something exceptional in their learning that week. 

Best Friend Bear

  • "Best Friend Bear" is a special friend who goes home to the house of children who have been especially kind or helpful to others. 
  • He has a diary of his own where you can record with your child what you have done over the weekend.  Please add lots of photo's if you can!

Drop off and Pick up Times

  • Every day we have a 15 minute time slot for parents and carers to drop off and collect their children at the start and end of our Nursery sessions. 
  • Drop off between 08.45am - 09.00am and collection between 11.30am -11.45am
  • Please report to the school office if you are late. 

Contact Information

  • Please make sure that you have completed a contact form before your child starts Nursery. 
  • This enables us to meet your child's dietary and medical needs and ensures that only authorised individuals can collect your child. 
  • Please make sure that your contact details are always up to date. 

Your Child's Tray

  • All letters, children's work, belongings and learning stories are stored inside your child's tray in their classroom. 
  • Please make sure to check these daily.  

Parent Partnership

  • There are lots of ways that we communicate with you about your child's development and learning while at nursery. 
  • You will get a weekly newsletter and a termly newsletter with information about our plans and how you can support your child's learning at home. 
  • We offer "Stay and Play" sessions three times a year where you will have the opportunity to meet with your child's Key Worker, discuss their progress and spend some time with them in the Nursery. 

What Happens at Nursery?

  • Children learn through active and practical activities. 
  • Every day, children will have the opportunity to explore a range of different learning experiences. 
  • Throughout the session, activities take place both indoors and outdoors.  The outdoor area provides a stimulating environment for the children to develop thei skills across the curriculum and the activities are changed daily. 

Learning Stories

  • Every child has a learning story.
  • Children can choose work to place in their learning story.  We would encourange you and your child to bring any work or pictures from home to add to it.  
  • You child's learning stories can be found in your child's tray and you are welcome to look at this with your child in nursery.

What to Wear at Nursery

  • All children will be given the opportunity to play outisde throughout most of the day whatever the weather so it is important that you dress your child for nursery appropriately:

       -  When it's cold and wet please dress your child in warm clothes and provide them with a waterproof coat

       -  When it's warm and sunny please provide your child with a sunhat and apply sunscreen before arrival. 

  • We recommend trousers or leggings so that they are easy for them to manage themselves when going to the toilet. 
  • Please provide sturdy shoes for outdoor play and shoes without laces that are easy for children to open and close themselves.  
  • School sweatshirts and cardigans are available from School Time (optional). 
  • Please remember to write your child's name and class inside all clothing that is bought into school. 

‚ÄčNursery Library

  • We have a library at the nursery and we encourage all children to choose a book to bring home to read with you. 
  • The books are changed every Thursday/
  • Please remember to return them each week.  
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