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We understand that not all of you are able to recieve SchoolPING messages at the moment so we will be adding the most important communication messages here.

Friday 12th February 2021 - SCHOOL open to pupils in Key Groups ONLY

School will be open again on Friday 10th February 2021 ONLY to those pupils in key groups and pupils of critical workers.

All other children must continue to stay at home.
If it is safe to do so, you may come up to collect or drop off work. We will also be available to contact via telephone and email.
Today we will have our final Friday assemblies for you. 
There are still plenty of old and new stories available on the 'Storytime' tab to keep you entertained today and into next week if you need them.

Next week (Monday 15th-Friday 19th February 2021) is half term. School will therefore be closed and it will time for a very well deserved break from teaching and learning for you all.

Term 4 begin on Monday 22nd February 2021, when new workpacks and remote learning will be available for those of you staying at home.
Stay safe over the half term break, and once again, thank you for all you are doing to support each other through these very unusual times. 

Wednesday 10th February 2021 - SCHOOL open to pupils in Key Groups ONLY

School will be open again on Wednesday 10th February 2021 ONLY to those pupils in key groups

If it is safe to do so, please come up to collect or drop off work.

We will continue to monitor the weather forecasts, travel and site conditions, and will keep you informed of any changes.

Please continue to keep in touch via email - we will update PING and the school website too.

Thank you for your understanding.

Monday 8th February 2021 - SCHOOL CLOSURE UPDATES

Just to keep you all informed of the status of the school building this week.

School will be closing today (Monday 8th February 2021)at 1:00pm to those pupils in key groups due to poor weather forecast, travel and site conditions.

School will also be CLOSED tomorrow (Tuesday 9th February 2021).

Please do NOT come up to collect or drop off work.

We hope to be open again on Wednesday 10th February 2021 as normal.

Please continue to keep in touch via email - we will update PING and the school website too.

Thank you for your understanding.

Chatham Library book loans

Morning all,
We have been asked to pass this message on to all of our families - please spread the word.

Chatham Library are trying to promote reading at home during the pandemic and have come up with a solution. 
The procedure for taking out books at the moment is reserving books online or using the click and collect service and then collecting at the libraries when notified by email.
At Chatham Library, they have come up with a solution to help families who struggle with using computers and maybe don’t even have one. They have selected categorised Picture Books and Board Books and created ‘book bundles’. There are 6 books in a bundle of one theme eg. dinosaurs.
Parents and children can come to the library and select a bundle they would like. If there are books for older children required they can grab them off the shelves too. There is a maximum of 30 books they can issue per person. The books are issued out on a three week loan.
You do have to be library members for this service, not to worry, you can join at the same time.
Chatham library opening hours are 10-4pm (Closed for lunch 12.30-1.30)

Home Learning arrangements for January 2021

Remote Learning – Reception/Year1/Year2

Thank you for your patience with us while we have made these arrangements for you.

We have chosen to use the governments ‘Oak Academy’ resources to support us with your children’s learning at this time. ‘Oak Academy’ has been selected as our option for parents to support remote learning for a number of reasons. The Oak Academy online lessons are free to all and offer a recorded taught session so that the children can access physical teaching from a teacher and then access work relating to that lesson within the same website. There are also hundreds of lessons specifically aimed at children with SEND needs and requiring additional support.

These online resources can be accessed via our school website using the 'Home Learning' tab.

These resources and sessions will be updated weekly.

We will also be updating our Storytime tab with videos from the staff.

If you have any problems accessing these online resources then we will also be making paper packs of work available to you 

Remote Learning – Nursery

Mrs Hall has planned a series of tasks/suggested activities for you to complete with your child this week.

These online resources can be accessed via our school website using the 'Home Learning' tab.

These resources will also be updated weekly.

Work Packs

We are making paper packs available to families, as we know that not everyone is able to access online learning. Nursery paper packs are the same as the online resources. For YR Y1 and Y2 these work packs are different to the tailored lessons offered via the ‘Oak Academy’ online lessons.

If you need a paper pack please come up to the school office anytime between 10:00am and 2:00pm from Tuesday 5th January 2021 until Friday 8th January.

School Opening Arrangements from Monday 4th January 2021

Please read the  letter in our 'News' tab which outlines arrangements for the partial opening of Greenvale Primary School from Monday 4th January 2021. We are sure that you are aware the government has announced that in some regions where the cases of COVID are extremely high, schools will remain closed until at least 18th January 2021. One of these regions is Medway. Greenvale will therefore not re open on 4th January 2021 as per our term dates but will only be open for vulnerable children, that is those with social services involvement and those who are in receipt of an EHCP. We will also be open for those children of key workers, but again only if there is no alternative to child care from a partner who is not a key worker or is unable to work from home. We will be in contact with families who have already indicated to us that they fall into these categories to make final arrangements. All teachers will be working remotely with work being posted up on our school website. We will have this work ready for you to access from Tuesday 5th January 2021. To access learning from home on Monday 4th January, please use the ‘Home Learning’ tab on the school site until we have completed the remote learning sessions for you all.

Covid update 30th December

Dear Parent/carers

Further to the latest announcements made today regarding schools reopening next week.

Please keep checking the school website and your Ping as we will be advising you on the details over the next few days.

Thank you for your cooperation.

September Return

A letter from Mrs Allnutt has been sent to our current Reception and Year 1 parents on PING explaining what September will look like under the current Government guidelines.

Please click on the below link if you have not received the letter via Ping.

September Return

Classes for September

School Reports and information for September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

You will be receiving your child's end of year report in the post in the next few days.

Included with this letter will be information for those going in to Year 1 and Year 2 about your child's new teacher, their new class and arrangements for discussing your child's report via telephone with their current teacher.


Children joining us in September for Reception will be receiving a separate letter later on with information about start dates, uniform and starting school .

The classteacher will be calling all new starter parents next week to arrange your visit for September and to answer any questions you may have.


For those going up to Year 3 you will receive information about arrangements for saying 'goodbye'. Further information about Year 3 classes for September can be obtained by contacting the new Junior school directly.

As soon as we have guidance from the government about arrangements for what September, and have put plans in  place will look like for children returning to school we will of course let you know.

Thank you for your patience.

We are of course here for you if you need to speak to us about anything.

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