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School Curriculum

Please read the document links on this page for our school's subject curriculum statements, which outline the intent behind the curriculum subjects, how we intend for these to be implemented into the classroom, and how the impact of this work is measured.

Also linked here are the curriculum progression documents for the subjects, which outline the skills, knowledge and vocabulary that pupils are expected to learn during their time in school.


Our English Lead with responsibility for reading is Mrs Whale.

Phonics for reading and writing 

Reading after phonics

Reading Skills Progression


Our English Lead with responsibility for writing is Mrs Whale. 

Writing curriculum statement

Writing Skills Progression


Our Maths Lead is Mrs Wilder. 

Maths curriculum statement

Maths Skills Progression


Our Science Lead is Mrs Wilder.

Science curriculum statement

Science Skills Progression

Art and Design

Our Art and Design Lead is Mrs Powlesland.

Art and design curriculum statement

Art and Design Skills Progression


Our Computing Lead is Miss Alcock.

Computing curriculum statement

Computing Skills Progression

Design Technology




Our Music Lead is Miss Platt.

Music curriculum statement

Music Skills Progression


Our PE Lead is Mrs Powlesland.

PE curriculum statement

PE Skills Progression


Our RE Lead is Mrs Williams.

RE curriculum statement

RE Skills Progression

PSHE/Skills for Life

Our PSHE Lead is Mrs Williams. 

PSHE curriculum statement

PSHE Skills Progression