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Our Ethos

Nurture – Inspire – Succeed

Our school visions and aims are based around our 6 Core Values which underpin all that we do within Greenvale:







How children learn best:

The stakeholders at Greenvale Primary School have written this statement which underpins all areas of the school’s work.  We believe that children need to play, explore, observe, investigate, repeat, copy, problem solve and represent.  It is also a means whereby children can come to terms with themselves, other people and the world around them.  We want the children to be happy and confident at school and feel that the following principles will provide the best opportunities for them to learn:

  • Stakeholders have high expectations and believe that the children should be encouraged to share these expectations within their own learning.
  • Learning experiences will provide and encourage children to think creatively and become independent learners through a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Learning will be challenging and encourage children to take risks, without fear of failure, ensuring equal access to learning for every pupil at the appropriate level.
  • Learning will be well planned and sequenced, will support children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and will ensure that all children are ready for the next stage in their learning.
  • Children will have opportunities to initiate their own learning and have time to work in depth and follow through activities and interests and build on success.
  • We inspire a love of reading so that our pupils develop a passion and enthusiasm for learning.
  • Adults in the school will be supportive, interested and involved in the children’s learning and value children as individuals, as well as promoting a positive attitude towards learning.
  • The learning environment will be well-organised, attractive and stimulating.  We teach our children to have pride in our school.
  • We will value and recognise diversity and celebrate differences.
  • At Greenvale, we recognise that parents and carers are the children’s first educator and strive to work in close partnership, building on the children’s own experiences . 
  • Every child and adult are important in our school, and we value the contribution of all.

As stakeholders, we strive to ensure that this framework allows all children to achieve the best outcomes and promote a life-long love of learning.