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“Remember, your child needs an education – every school day counts”

At Greenvale Primary School, we expect children to attend school on time every day, when the school is open and as long as they are healthy to do so.  The national average set by the Government is 96% meaning that children’s attendance should be 96% or above.  In order for your child to have the best opportunities and chance of a full and successful education, it is vital that they attend school.

The up to date attendance policy can be found under the School policies tab.

What chance are you going to give your child?

Attendance during one school year

Equals to this number of days absent

Which is approximately this number of weeks absent

Which means this number of lessons will be missed


9 days

2 weeks

50 lessons


19 days

4 weeks

100 lessons


29 days

6 weeks

150 lessons


38 days

8 weeks

200 lessons


48 days

10 weeks

250 lessons

96% - 100% = Best chance of success

85% - 90% = Less chance of success and will make it harder to make progress

Less than 80% = Attendance is a cause for concern , your child will make little progress and legal action could be taken.

Attendance at Greenvale Primary School is monitored very closely by:

  • Miss Hatt– Administration Officer
  • Mrs Harris – Family Support and Parenting Practitioner
  • Mrs Allnutt – Head Teacher


“Every Minute Counts”

When your child is late into school it is not only disruptive to the class who have arrived on time, but most importantly they are missing learning.  Learning tasks begin from 8.40am.  Children use this time to revisit work from the day before, change reading books and to get ready for learning.

Lateness is monitored very closely and if we feel that your child’s lateness is a cause for concern we will invite parents/carers in for a meeting to discuss the issues and look at ways we can work together to resolve them.  The school also send out late slips and letters to highlight children’s punctuality.

Here are some examples of how pupil lateness effects their education:

Minutes late per day during the school year

Equals to days worth of lost teaching in a year…

Which means number of lessons missed…

5 minutes

3.7 days

20 lessons

10 minutes

7.4 days

40 lessons

15 minutes

10 days

60 lessons

20 minutes

14.7 days

80 lessons

30 minutes

22 days

100 lessons

If you have any questions about Attendance, please speak with Mrs Harris or Miss Hatt in the school office.