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School Council

Our School Council is an important part of our school’s Pupil Voice.

Each class elect two representatives who attend regular meetings every month with Mrs Powlesland. Issues are discussed in Class Meetings and then the children’s views are brought to the School Council by the representatives.

Last year: 2021-22

January 2022:

School Council met to discuss packed lunches. We have some suggestions to help our friends choose what they could bring to school.

February 2022:

School Council met to discuss non-uniform days. We will be asking our classes to vote on their favourite ideas.

April 2022:

School Council held an animal themed non-uniform day, and raised £61. At our next meeting we will bring our friend's ideas together about how to use the money to improve our playground.

May 2022:

School Council met to discuss ideas for the playground. We decided that we would like a jubilee garden, to improve the look of our outside space, and to commemorate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We met with our school gardener to ask for ideas and suggestions about how to best spend our money. When he has bought the plants we have asked for and prepared the flower bed, we are going to help him plant the garden. We also now know that we will need to carry on raising money to keep the garden looking nice, and to buy more plants.

September 2022:

School Council were voted in by their peers in class: At our first meeting we talked about our playground and what we like to play, and how we can feel safe.

November 2022:

School Council met to discuss charity days. We decided on our events for Children in Need day this year. We are going to ask our friends in class what ideas they have about raising money to help others.

Our poster for Children in Need is below.